Restyling will follow the path of simplification – reducing the number of components

Tesla is working on updating its most affordable model to date, the Model 3 electric sedan, Reuters writes, citing sources. The restyling, which will take place as part of the Highland project, is designed to reduce production costs, as well as make the five-year-old model more attractive. The Model 3 has not received a major update since its launch, while fresher and cheaper alternatives from other brands are slowly flooding the market.

The Model 3 update will help simplify and reduce the cost of production, which is promoted by the head of Tesla, Elon Musk. Thanks to this approach, Tesla is already making about eight times more per car than Toyota. In the interior of the electric car, the number of components will be reduced, while the developers will focus on the equipment most popular with Tesla customers, for example, the display of the multimedia system.

The redesign of the Model 3 will be carried out with an eye on the comprehensive update of the Model S, presented in early 2021. The exterior of the electric car has not changed much, but the interior has been completely redone, adding a steering wheel instead of a steering wheel, a 17-inch “tablet” in front and an eight-inch touch screen in the back. It is also expected that the Model 3 power plant will undergo some changes, but details about them have not yet been disclosed.

Tesla Model 3 got on the conveyor in the summer of 2017. The cheapest car of the brand, which in the US costs from $47,000 (2.9 million rubles), was a bestseller for a long time, until it was surpassed by the Model Y crossover. According to insiders, the updated model will debut in 2023, and in the third quarter it will begin manufactured at Tesla’s Fremont and Shanghai factories.