The most frivolous premiere of the Paris Motor Show was a French electric car similar to Willys

Startup Kilow’s two-seater buggy-like vehicle weighs less than 350 kg, which allows it to claim the laurels of the lightest European electric car. With the legendary “jeep” La Bagnole has in common not only the front end, but also the total asceticism of the design with a minimum of necessary equipment. The creators explain this by the desire not to interfere with the person behind the wheel to enjoy the ride.

La Bagnole is driven by an electric motor with a capacity of 21.4 liters. s., capable of accelerating a miniature electric car to 40 km / h in a very fleeting four seconds. The maximum speed is limited to a threshold of 80 km / h, since ensuring the safety of riders in such a flimsy crew even at moderate speed becomes a rather problematic issue. And for operation on public roads, the limit is even lower – 45 km / h. Removable batteries protected from water ingress are charged from a household power supply, which is useful, given the modest autonomy of the car in the range of 70–140 km, depending on the version. Probably, the trip will be slightly extended by solar panels on the roof.

As you understand, La Bagnole is pure fun, fun for adults, the practicality of which makes no sense at all. And the jeep-like electric car will be sold as a toy in its own box at a price of 9,900 euros per copy. Kilow promises to begin deliveries to customers early next year.