In autumn, roads are treated with anti-icing agents. This has a negative effect on the condition of the car and causes corrosion. However, there are effective methods to combat these phenomena.

  • 1st – protect the bottom of the car. You can install lockers or do professional anti-corrosion treatment.
  • 2nd – wax. There are a number of varieties of wax coating, which must be systematically applied to the body. This will provide protection against corrosion, chips and other defects, and will also repel dirt and water. After that, washing the car is required much less frequently.
  • 3rd – follow the rules of storage. If the machine is used infrequently, it is important to store it properly. Many people leave the car on the street, but you need to store it in a ventilated room or garage.
  • 4th – wash your car more often. In the autumn-winter period, the car should be washed more often at a professional car wash. Chemicals will wash away all reagents and contaminants, thereby ensuring a longer life of the paintwork.