Tesla shipped more cars than in the second quarter of both the current and last years.

Tesla reported on vehicle deliveries in the second quarter of this year. The company delivered 343,830 cars to customers, while 365,923 cars were produced. In other words, deliveries could have been more, as there were about 20,000 cars in stock at the time of publication of the report, but logistical problems prevented this.

In the structure of deliveries, the absolute majority fell on Model 3 and Model Y – 325,158 units. Model S and Model X shipped in the amount of 18,672 pieces.

For comparison, the company produced 236,823 cars in the same period last year and 258,580 cars in the second quarter of this year. Deliveries for the third quarter of 2021 amounted to 241,300 units, 254,695 vehicles were delivered to customers in the second quarter of this year.

For Tesla, this quarter was very good, but analysts were expecting more: deliveries were expected at the level of 364,660 cars. And if not for logistical problems, then Tesla would have completely met this forecast.

Tesla’s record quarter looks like a bright spot against the backdrop of market stagnation, but analysts are not building any rosy forecasts here. Following the release of the report, Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities said, “Additional economic factors continue to weigh heavily on Tesla, mainly logistics. But I think there may also be demand issues. There is a dark cloud hanging over the automotive industry, and Tesla is not immune.”