Drivers Education Support

Frequently Asked Support Questions

1. What software does my computer need to have loaded to take online drivers education?

     It's easy!  To take any of our online courses, your computer must have one of the following free browser applications:

     Internet Explorer (7.0 or newer)        »

     Mozilla Firefox (3.6 or newer)            »


     Also, check and be sure you have the latest version of  Adobe Flash on your computer.


2.  What sort of Internet connection do I need?

     As long as you're connected to the Internet you should be fine!  The course does include video and a slower connection (dial-up) may affect viewing quality.


3.  Where can I take the course?

     Anywhere and anytime!  You can Hit the Road anytime and take the next step toward getting your license.  All you need is a computer with the browswer noted above and access to the Internet.


4.  Need to contact us?

     email here

     Please call (425) 605-7006